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Talk to your highschool Administrators (Counselors, Principals, or Teachers)  and confirm you are taking YJC Early Enrollment/ Dual Credit classes.


A. Click on the "First Time User" link.

B. Create a unique "Login ID" and a 6-15 digit numeric pin.

C. Please select "I am a YJC Dual Credit/ Early Enrollment Student" on the first page of the application.

* Note: Please provide your Permanent "Mailing Address" not your "Physical Address."
** You must apply at the beginning of each semester that you intend to take classes (Fall/Spring)


Within the first month of each semester students should see their school administration about their WVSU student I.D. number (A00######). This I.D. number will also be delivered by postal mail on the semester billing invoice. Students' are responsible for ensuring proper admission, enrollment, and payment by logging in to MyState found in the Student Resources section.

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