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Political Science is a rigorous major that allows students to investigate how individuals and groups exercise the phenomena related to human behavior and institutions of power. At WVSU, a student will take part in a rigorous, writing intensive program of study. Advanced classes have a low student to professor ratio that allows professors to mentor students and work closely with them on academic projects.

The curriculum provides basic, thorough coverage of the major areas of study within the discipline of political science. These include American Government and political institutions, public law and judicial politics, comparative politics, international politics, public policy, political thought, methodology and research, and public administration. Courses also examine the intersection of politics with other social institutions such as religion, social groups, and media outlets.

Learning outside of the classroom is a feature of our program. Students can participate in simulations of city governments, the United Nations, and political debates. These simulations allow students to fill the roles of public officials, political activists, and citizens in order to understand the use of political power.  

There is an academic honor society open to students who excel in the study of politics and government, namely, Pi Sigma Alpha. The campus chapter inducts new members each spring.

Political Science majors tend to be active in campus organizations. They are frequently among the officers of the Student Government Association (SGA). In the past few years, they have been organizers and leaders in Political Campaigns, the NAACP, ACLU, College Republicans, and the College Democrats. 

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