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Research & Public Service staff Directory

Office of the Vice President

Dr. Orlando F. McMeans, Vice President for Research & Public Service, GRDI Dean and Director
204-4300 / mcmeanso@wvstateu.edu

Dr. Jose Ulises Toledo, Associate Vice President for Administration
766-4290 / toledoju@wvstateu.edu

Telitha Snell, Secretary
204-4317 / tsnell@wvstateu.edu

Lisa M. Williamson, Executive Assistant
204-4300 / lwilliamson@wvstateu.edu

Business & Finance

Brunetta Gamble-Dillard, Associate Vice President for Business & Finance
766-4133 / bdillard@wvstateu.edu

Carolyn Alley, Accounts Payable Specialist II
204-4307 / cpierce1@wvstateu.edu

Carla Boggess, Payroll/Benefits Specialist II
766-4278 / sayreca@wvstateu.edu

Eric Jackson, Special Assistant to the Title III Director
766-5734 / jacksone@wvstateu.edu

Amy Postalwait, Director of Sponsored Programs
204-4005 / amy.postalwait@wvstateu.edu

‚ÄčLeAndra Samms, Accounts Payable Specialist I
204-43313 / leandra.sears@wvstateu.edu

Stephen Seitz, Assistant Director of Business and Finance
204-4323 / sseitz@wvstateu.edu

Shannon Skiles, Administrative Specialist, Sponsored Programs
204-4304 / skilesse@wvstateu.edu

David Stone, Budget Officer
766-4258 / stonedc@wvstateu.edu


Matt Browning, Director of Communications
204-4002 / mbrowning1@wvstateu.edu

Stacy Herrick, Communications Specialist
204-4008 / sherrick1@wvstateu.edu

WVSU Extension Service

Dr. Ami Smith, Associate Vice President for Public Service and Director of Extension
204-4305 / smitham@wvstateu.edu

John Bombardiere, Extension Agent, Agriculture and Natural Resources
546-7660 / johnb@wvstateu.edu

Brad Cochran, Extension Agent, Agriculture and Natural Resources
541-3301 / bcochran2@wvstateu.edu

Bonnie Dunn, Extension Specialist, Family and Consumer Sciences

204-4007 / parsonsb@wvstateu.edu

Tammy Hauldren, EFNEP Adult Paraprofessional
562-7000 / hauldrta@wvstateu.edu

Anitra Higginbotham, EDC Administrative Assistant
720-1401 / anitra.higginbotham@wvstateu.edu

Inetta Fluharty, AgrAbility Extension Agent
771-8747 / ifluharty@wvagrability.org

Stacy Ford, Extension Agent, Summers County, Community and Economic Development
466-7113 / sford2@wvstateu.edu

Adam Hodges, Extension Agent, Fayette County, Community and Economic Development
610-5655 / ahodges7@wvstateu.edu

Christine Kinder, Extension Agent, Raleigh County, Community and Economic Development
923.5820 / christine.kinder@wvstateu.edu

Ray Moeller, Extension Agent, Nicholas County, Community and Economic Development
872-2881 / raymoellerwv@gmail.com

Kaysha Moreno, Extension Agent, 4-H Youth Development
741-6404 / morenokt@wvstateu.edu

Hannah Payne, Assistant Program Director, 4-H Youth Development
553-8218 / hannah.payne@wvstateu.edu

Alexandra Phares, EFNEP Youth Paraprofessional
766-3002 / alexandria.phares@wvstateu.edu

Jaime Rinehart, Facility and Program Coordinator, Economic Development Center
720-1403 / jrinehart@wvstateu.edu

Randy Ross, Extension Agent, Veteran and Minority Agriculture
808-208-5099 / rross8@wvstateu.edu

Dr. Carolyn Stuart, Assistant Program Director, Community and Economic Development and Family and Consumer Sciences
540-818-9009 / email TBD

Tabitha Surface, Extension Agent, Agriculture and Natural Resources
543-7432 / tsurfac1@wvstateu.edu

Jeanie Sutphin, Administrative Assistant of Extension
204-4305 / sutphinj@wvstateu.edu

Beau Whittington, Extension Associate, Agriculture and Natural Resources
964-9988 / beau.whittington@wvstateu.edu

Shelley Whittington, 4-H Family GROWTH Program Coord.
541-0907 / swhittin@wvstateu.edu

Derrien Williams, Extension Agent, Family and Consumer Sciences
741-6434 / williadj@wvstateu.edu

Nicole Wilson, Administrative Assistant, Health Literacy
204-4006 / nicole.wilson@wvstateu.edu

Christopher Zeto, Extension Agent, Logan County, Community and Economic Development
752-3255 / czeto@wvstateu.edu


Agricultural & Environmental Research Station

Vacant, Associate Dean and Associate Director

Venkata Abburi, Research Associate
766-5246 / vabburi@wvstateu.edu

Suresh Alaparthi, Research Associate
766-5246 / salaparthi@wvstateu.edu

Mohammad Bhuiyan, Professor of Civil Engineering
766-3087 / towhid@wvstateu.edu

Vinele Butler, Administrative Assistant
204-4388 / vinele.butler@wvstateu.edu

Robert Cantrell, Soil and Water Laboratory Technician
400-6034 / rcantrel@wvstateu.edu

Krishna Challa, Post-Doctoral Research Associate
414-4063 / krishna.challa@wvstateu.edu

Jesus Emmanual Chavarria-Palma, Microbiology Research Technician
766-5239 / jchavarriap@wvstateu.edu

Dr. Jonathan Eya, Research Scientist
766-4260 / eyajc@wvstateu.edu

Dr. Amir Hass, Research Scientist
720-1025 / amirhass@wvstateu.edu

Charlene Hoback, Administrative Assistant
204-4388 / choback@wvstateu.edu

Dr. David Huber, Research Scientist
766-5127 / huberdh@wvstateu.edu

Dr. Barbara Liedl, Research Scientist/Associate Research Professor
932-0843 / liedlbe@wvstateu.edu

Dr. Sridhar Malkaram, Asst. Research Professor, Bioinformatics
766-5168 / smalkaram@wvstateu.edu

Tyler Miller, Research Field and Equipment Specialist
766-5732 / tmiller20@wvstateu.edu

Natalia Montenegro-Garcia, Research Technician
766-5127 / nmontenegro@wvstateu.edu

Bagyalaskhmi Muthan, Bioenergy Research Technician

Dr. Padma Nimmakayala, Research Scientist/Associate Research Professor
766-3258 / padma@wvstateu.edu

Dr. Carmen Overturf, Asst. Professor or Aquatic Toxicology
766-5247 / carmen.demare@wvstateu.edu

Dr. Dayan Perera, Aquaculture Research Assoc./Technician
766-5225 / dperera@wvstateu.edu

Dr. Venu Perla, Assistant Research Scientist
719-850-0645 / vperla@wvstateu.edu

Chris Postalwait, Greenhouse Manager
437-4226 / postalcm@wvstateu.edu

Dr. Umesh K. Reddy, Research Scientist
766-3066 / ureddy@wvstateu.edu

Dr. Sanjaya, Assistant Professor of Bioenergy and Environmental Biotechnology
414-4062 / sanjaya@wvstateu.edu

Dr. Thangasamy Saminathan, Interim Visiting Scientist
766-4165 / tsaminathan@wvstateu.edu

Venkata Gobinath Vajja, Research Associate/Lab Technician
766-5246 / vvajja@wvstateu.edu

Xi Zhao, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering
766-3072 / xi.zhao@wvstateu.edu

Center for the Advancement of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (CASTEM)

Hannah Payne, Director
553-8218 / hannah.payne@wvstateu.edu

Crystal Bishop, STEM Education Coordinator - Raleigh County
252-6970 / cbishop1@wvstateu.edu
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