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In October 2018, I extended a challenge for alumni and friends of West Virginia State University to join me in supporting STATE’s most talented and deserving students by helping me raise $400,000 for the Presidential Scholarship by June 30, 2019.

It is gratifying to know that so many have stepped forward in response to this challenge. To date, we have received $325,000 toward our goal, and I have no doubt that when when June 30 comes, we will have exceeded our goal. The question is, “by how much?”

They say it’s all about the journey, and every journey has a beginning. Every year, I encounter amazing students who enter West Virginia State University with the hopes of a brighter future. They enroll at WVSU because they believe in the quality of our education, they build self-efficacy in our nurturing environment, and they come to realize the impossible is possible. It starts at STATE.

I have often said the greatest untapped places in the world are our colleges and universities. It is here that the future is created, cures for diseases are discovered, leaders are developed, technology is advanced and the next generation of change agents come of age.

I have an unwavering commitment to help all of our students reach their fullest potential. As a first-generation college student, I know firsthand the power of a quality college education. I understand how it can profoundly change one’s path and enhance the quality of life. This is precisely what I am committed to giving all Yellow Jackets.

Over the past years, no challenges (i.e., university budget cuts or changing federal regulations) have troubled me more than seeing students unable to return to STATE simply because they lack financial resources.

I have read heartfelt letters from students and parents who were working for a better life but saw their educational dream end because they simply did not have the $1,000 or $2,500 they needed to earn their college degree.

I am asking you to help me raise $400,000 for the Presidential Scholarship. Please take a moment to consider the effect your minimum contribution of $1,000 can have on the life and future of our students.

Together, we can build on WVSU’s record of success. Thank you for your consideration of this very important appeal to help our students persist, graduate, and emerge from WVSU ready to change the world. Go STATE!

The last few years have certainly changed the landscape of higher education. No longer does money freely flow to the public colleges and universities, and no longer is it a guarantee that students can apply for, and receive, financial assistance. As we are facing an important time in its future, I remain resolute that West Virginia State University will continue to offer access and opportunity to higher education.

I invite you to review the information Presidential Scholarship and the students who are benefiting from it, and make your gift today at https://connect.wvstateu.edu/presidential-scholarship-donation-form. Your gift will truly make a difference.

Thank you for your support of the Presidential Scholarship. Go STATE!

Best regards, 

Anthony L. Jenkins signature

Anthony L. Jenkins, Ph.D.
President Anthony Jenkins with WVSU students by the clock tower.

For information on applying for the Presidential Scholarship contact;

Rhonda Brogan
Scholarship Coordinator

For information on donating to support the Presidential Scholarship contact:

Patricia  Schumann
Vice President for University Advancement,
Communications and Marketing

(304) 766-3020

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