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Sullivan Hall is a coed dorm divided into an East and West side.

The East side hosts collegiate offices while the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth floors serve as an all-female dorm, housing Seniors, Juniors and Sophomores, and consists of four floors. Management is by the honor system and monitored by a Resident Assistant on each floor.

The East side of Sullivan Hall also houses Upward Bound Services, Student Support Services, Collegiate Support, Student Affairs, and three computer labs.

The West side is an all-male dorm. The hall is maintained by a Resident Director and a Resident Assistant on each floor.

Handicapped facilities are available for females on the East side.


Sullivan Hall East

5th Floor: 766-9048
6th Floor: 766-9014
7th Floor: 766-9050


Sullivan Hall West

1st Floor: 766-9023
2nd Floor: 766-9007
3rd Floor: 766-9026
4th Floor: 766-9074
5th Floor:  766-9019
6th Floor: 766-9009
7th Floor: 766-9044
8th Floor: 766-9043

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