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A. West Virginia State University has a two-year on-campus residency requirement for all freshmen beginning with the fall 2014 class. WVSU requires that all freshman and sophomore single students enrolled for twelve (12) or more semester credit hours reside in the University's residence halls and participate in a meal plan. This requirement excludes summer sessions and is applicable until the attainment of junior academic standing (fifty-eight [58] semester credit hours), or the receipt of an exemption from the Office Residence Life. Students wishing to live on-campus for more than two years are welcome and encouraged to do so.
B. Exemptions to this requirement must be requested in writing (on a Release Request Form obtained from the Residence Life Office or at www.wvstateu.edu/reslife) and submitted by June 30 for Fall Semester release, or November 15 for a Spring Semester release. Release requests will not be accepted after these dates. A Release Request Form may be submitted to: The Office Residence Life, West Virginia State University, Judge Damon J. Keith Scholars Hall, Institute, West Virginia 25112, or to reslife@wvstateu.edu.

Exemptions to this requirement may be granted to students under certain conditions. They are:
  • Student commutes to campus from the principal residence of a parent or legal guardian living within 50 (road) commuting miles. The student must provide a birth certificate signed by one or both parents or legal documentation of guardianship, and a valid driver's license or current utility bill in the parent's/guardian's name to verify the address of his/her residence.
  • Student is twenty-one years of age or older, having reached that age no later than the first day of classes for the applicable semester or having graduated from high school more than two years prior to the beginning of the semester.
  • Student is married. A copy of the marriage certificate must be submitted as documentation.
  • Student has custody of dependent children. A copy of the birth certificate(s) must be submitted as documentation.
  • Student can demonstrate other acceptable extenuating circumstances and provide documentation to support the request for exemption.

C. Upon receipt, requests will be reviewed by the Director of Residence Life. A written determination will be mailed to the student. If the student's request is denied he/she will have ten (10) days in which to submit a written appeal to the Housing Review Committee as outlined in the denial letter.
D. All non-exempt freshman and sophomore students must comply with this requirement.

E. Part-time students are welcome to live in the residence halls on a space-available basis.

Questions? Please contact:
The Office of Residence Life and Services
Judge Damon J. Keith Scholars Hall
West Virginia State University
Institute, WV  25112
(304) 766-3037 / reslife@wvstateu.edu

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