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Virginia Tech Study Skills Self-help Information. This site has study skill surveys that can help you assess your level of proficiency, as well as handouts on a number of topics: time management, reading comprehension, test preparation, test-taking, and test anxiety, writing, notetaking, and memory techniques.
Chemeketa Community College Study Skills page. Exercizes on discovering your learning style, tips on study skills, including motivation and goal setting, and links to many other collegiate sites. There is a section on preparing and taking tests in foreign languages, history, math, business and many more subject areas.
University of New Mexico English Resources webpage. This is an extensive site with several easy to use general guides on common English errors, grammar, and writing. Specific help is available on punctuation, the writing process, and types of essays. Online dictionaries and other references are available. Nice attitude throughout too.
Edgewood College study skills webpage. This is a Learning Resources page: resources for general study skills, time management, notetaking, test taking, reading, writing, and evaluating website material.
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