What is Land-Grant? | West Virginia State University
Impact can be defined in multiple ways, and through the research and outreach work at West Virginia State University, we define it as change – a noticeable and measurable change for the betterment of our state’s citizens. The information collected here illustrates that change.
Our researchers are continually working to introduce and perfect innovative growing methods for our state’s small farmers. We are identifying new vegetable crops and plant varieties for stronger, healthier and more disease-resistant yields. And we are working with the scientists of tomorrow through innovative, hands-on research opportunities with youth of all ages.
Our outreach efforts are bringing this expert, research-based knowledge into the areas of the state where our citizens may not have access to classroom learning. Through our Extension Service, we are introducing gardening concepts to youth and the elderly in inner-city neighborhoods so they can grow, harvest and even sell their own fresh fruits and vegetables. We are nurturing strong, resilient families through health, wellness and finance education for parents and children alike. We are helping entrepreneurs statewide to launch and sustain successful small businesses. And we are among those leading the way in building our state’s creative economy.
The information collected here contains only a few examples of how outreach and research and West Virginia State University is making our state a better place to live, work and thrive. 

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