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If you are a user of Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, follow the instructions below for installing AVG. IMPORTANT! Make sure that all windows updates have been completed and your system is rebooted before attempting to install AVG. Windows updates are available at: http://update.microsoft.com

  • Close ALL open programs, except the Browser window that you are reading now.
  • Hold the “Windows Key” and press “R” (non-clickable illustration below)

Type \\avg.wvstateu.edu\ into the box that pops up (non-clickable illustration below)

(Windows XP) (Windows 7)

You should receive a pop-up asking for a username and password.

Enter the username Safe with no password and click 'OK' (non-clickable illustration below)

(Windows XP) (Windows 7)

If all was done correctly the following screen should open.
RIGHT-CLICK the 'Install' directory and on the menu that appears click 'Map Network Drive'. (non-clickable illustration below)

Before clicking 'OK' on the next box make sure to clear the 'Reconnect at logon' box. Then click Finish. (non-clickable illustration below)

(Windows XP) (Windows 7)

Double Click the AvgSetup icon (non-clickable illustration below)

Click Run or Allow if you get any security prompts. (non-clickable illustration below)

Making it this far should reward you with a DOS or The Black Box of Doom popup.
!IMPORTANT! Do NOT close this box. This behavior is normal and if you manually close this box it will break the upgrade process  (non-clickable illustration below)

After a short period of time you should see the following screen. (non-clickable illustration below)

During the install process you'll be prompted to install the AVG toolbar. The option to install the toolbar is your choice.

If, during the install process, you get prompted to Restart, just restart your machine and the install process will resume once your system has rebooted.

When all is finished you should have this icon on your desktop. (non-clickable illustration below)

If you have any problems or questions, submit a service request on MyState

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