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Supplemental Instruction

Another key component of the STEP to Success grant is Supplemental Instruction. Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a series of weekly review sessions offered by SI leaders to students taking courses with high levels of difficulty. SI is available to any student who wants to improve their understanding of course material in an effort to improve their grades.
Attendance at SI sessions is voluntary, but for students it is a chance to interact with others in your class that allows you to compare notes, discuss important concepts, develop strategies for studying, and quiz each other before your professor does.
SI leaders guide students through these activities at each SI session. SI leaders are current students and they share the knowledge that they learned over the years about how to study. SI leaders know the course content and are anxious to assist others. SI leaders attend class each day hearing what you hear and reading what you read; however, SI leaders do not lecture you. The SI leaders help you think about the lectures you heard and the books you read, and then put it all together during an SI review sessions so you can learn it more efficiently.
Each SI leader establishes 2-3 review sessions per week at times that are best for the majority of the students who wish to attend. You can attend as many sessions as you want, but each one is different because you always have new material to discuss. SI review sessions are informal so bring your notes, textbook, and your questions.
Make plans now to attend the SI sessions to develop a better understanding of course content as well as more effective ways to study which will also help you in other classes.

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