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The Outstanding Teacher Award is awarded annually at the FACET teaching symposium.  Awardees are also recognized at graduation.  The award consists of a monetary award and the WVSU Crystal Apple, a symbol of the knowledge a teacher imparts on students.  
Any faculty member who has been a member of the college for a minimum of three years and who has taught at least two semesters before being nominated is eligible for this award.  Faculty members who have received the Outstanding Teacher Award within the past five years are not eligible. 
 In the event that the selection committee is unable to select a winner in a given year, the award may be omitted for that year.

Nomination Forms

Student Nomination - Students. please is this form to nominate one of your instructors

Peer Nomination - Faculty, Staff, and Administration, please use this form to to nominate a faculty member

Self Nomination - Please use this form to nominate yourself.

Completed Nomination forms could be set via e-mail to jpietrus@wvstateu.edu or delievered to

FACET Director
233 Hill Hall
note: all nominations forms hold equal weight in consideration for the award.

Nomination Deadline: Monday, April 14th 

Criteria for the WVSU Outstanding Teacher Award

  1. Instruction: This criterion will be of foremost importance for the selection committee. Self-review of this category should discuss exemplary work in the teacher-classroom setting (both face to face and online settings qualify).
  2. Mentoring: A strong mentor can mean both or either working with students on their development and with other colleagues. Discussion for review should include the nature of mentoring and the effects on students, faculty, or both.
  3.  Professional development: As teachers, constant professional development is a necessary tool for growth.  Explanation of this criterion should include any professional development events where the nominee was an organizer, presenter, or attendee.  This may include national, regional, local development events (including those sponsored by FACET).
  4. Creativity and Innovation: Examples for discussion should include situations where the nominee feels that they might have taken risks with new ideas and/or techniques.  They should discuss any successes and/or failures by reflecting on the innovation and its effectiveness for teaching and learning.

Submission Guidelines

Nominee's will be informed of their nomination by the award committee.

 If they choose to accept the nomination, they shoud follow the submission guidelines below for consideration by the submission deadline.

Submit the paper original and electronic versions via FACET Online of the submission packet outlined below. Items in BOLD must be submitted both on paper and electronically, other items can be submitted electronically, but paper originals are acceptable as well.  Be sure to include a high-resolution jpg of your photograph.  Each section should be a submitted online as a separate PDF.

For the purposes of this award, the complete portfolio, including appendices, is limited to a single, two-inch, three-ring binder (or its equivalent), plus an optional videotape of classroom teaching. Portfolios that deviate significantly from this volume of material will not be considered.

Portfolio Submission Deadline: Saurday, May 3rd
  1. Completed Outstanding Teacher  Nomination Form 
  2. Current CV 
  3.  Self assessment of teaching in regard to the criteria for the Outstanding Teacher Award – See criteria listed above (2-3 pages)
  4. Teaching Portfolio
    1. Statement of Teaching Philosophy (2-3 pages)
    2. Samples of course materials 
      1. syllabi, assignments
      2. projects
      3. exams
      4.  responded to student work
      5.  other evidence of student learning outcome or documentation of teaching-related activities
        1. leadership related to teaching and learning or continuing professional development
        2. Conference Presentations
        3.  Publications
        4. workshops
        5.  institutes,
        6.  etc.
  5. Summaries of two recent peer evaluations (if appropriate for nominee’s appointment)
  6. Letters of support from two peers, 1 page each (front)
  7. Letters of support from two students, 1 page each (front)
  8. 500 word professional bio, suitable for numerous publications
  9. One high resolution 5×7 color photograph suitable for publication
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