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Using your classroom as a retention tool

Retention is an extremely important aspect in every facet of the university, so how do we, as professors, use the skills and tools we have to help with the effort in retention?  Are there specific policies, assignments, or interactions that you feel help retain our students?  What are they?  How effective are they?  What can we do to keep our students invested in the university?

What factors motivate students to learn?

Motivation is the subject of constant discussion among language professionals and is difficult to define as it is an abstract concept and has many different meanings and interpretations. It is the mystery force that is often the key to success in any of our classrooms.  As Scheidecker and Freeman state, “The real problem with motivation, of course, is that everyone is looking for a single and simple answer… Unfortunately, and realistically, motivating students yesterday, today, and tomorrow will never be a singular or simplistic process.”  This meeting will discuss what we, as professors, see as motivation for our students.  What have you done to keep students motivated?  What pedagogical tools help keep the students learning?

Technology in f2f classrooms

With the abundance of technology entering into the classroom, we must remain knowledgeable of both what is out there as well as how to use it effectively.  Come join us to discuss what technology we currently have at our disposal as well as what you think we should be incorporating.  If you have interesting ways of using current technology in your classroom, come and share how and why you do.  With luck, we will not only be able to discuss what is out there, but see how it works as well.

Cross-disciplinary interaction

We’ve all heard the words inter-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary, but do we really know how that can affect our teaching?  We will be discussing how to open up the classroom and the curriculum to multiple disciplines and how it can impact students  in positive ways.  Come and learn what others are doing in their classrooms and possibly open dialogue for a new and exciting project.

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