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Adult Learner vs. Commuter: What is the Difference?

What is an Adult Learner?  
ACSS identifies Adult Learners as students that have been out of school for a period of five (5) years or longer, or that are twenty-four (24) years of age or older.  This population of students is often referred to as “Non-Traditional”, simply meaning that these students have not recently (within the last five years) graduated from a high school or GED program. 
What is a Commuter Student?  
ACSS identifies Commuters as any student not residing on campus in one of WVSU’s residence halls. Commuter status is not reserved for students that are of a certain age. Students of any age not residing on campus are considered Commuter students.                                                                                  
Adult learners and commuter students are often faced with additional responsibilities outside of their academics such as; work and family. Many of our adult learners find that their method and attitude towards taking classes and completing their degree is very different from those that are of the traditional college age. Commuter students often realize the importance of prioritizing their academic and personal lives in order to balance their responsibilities. Adult and Commuter Student Services realizes the challenges that some of our students are faced with. We are here to assist and support students academically, personally, and professionally to ensure that their time at WVSU is great.
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