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Outstanding Student Requirements

The process of acquiring and securing proper payment of Federal Financial Aid may have multiple student requirements.

Students are encouraged to check MYSTATE and WVSU webmail regularly to view any notifications of additional requirements from the Office of Student Financial Assistance. No funds can pay until all paperwork is processed and all outstanding requirements are satisfied.

Listed below are some possible requirements students may encounter and information to resolve them.

Federal Verification Process- Verification is the process of confirming the information you and/or your parents reported on the FAFSA.Students selected for verification may be required to submit a tax return transcript from the IRS (copies of prepared tax forms such as 1040 are no longer accepted). An official tax return transcript for the tax year 2012 can obtained online from the Internal Revenue Service, by phone at 1-800-908-9946, or at your local IRS office. The Charleston WV office is located at 161 Court Street, Charleston WV 25301. Students may also be required to fill out one of our Federal Verification Forms which can be obtained online or in the Office of Student Financial Services.

Pell or Loan Aggregate Requirements- Students approaching or exceeding the Pell Grant Lifetime Eligibility Limit or Aggregate Loan Limits may receive a requirement to submit a Financial Aid Review from the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) Student Access Web Site. Effective the beginning of Fall 2012, the Pell Grant Lifetime Eligibility has been changed from 18 semesters to 12 semesters, a lifetime limit of 600%. Aggregate Loan Limits are as follows: Undergraduate Dependent Students $31,000 (limit $23,000 can be subsidized). Undergraduate Independent Students $57,000 (limit $23,000 can be subsidized). Graduate and Professional Students $138,500 (limit $65,000 subsidized). An explanation of how your eligibility is calculated can be found at the following link: Federal Student Aid.

Transcript-  The Office of Student Financial Assistance may request a copy of the student academic transcript. This must be a copy of an official transcript. For returning or continuing students who have attended only WVSU this can be obtained free of cost from the Office of Registration and Records. For transfer students a copy of the official transcript submitted for admission can be obtained in the Admissions Office here at WVSU.

Open and Submit Electronic Award- An electronic Award Package will become available to submit only after pending requirements are satisfied. If no award is available, ensure all other requirements have been satisfied. If award is present see Accepting Awards Instructions

Parent PLUS Request and Master Promissory Note-  If a Parent PLUS Loan is accepted by a student, the parent of that student must complete a PLUS Request Process at Student Loans.gov. Instructions to complete this process can be found at the following link Direct PLUS Loan Request. If the PLUS Loan is approved the parent must sign the Master Promissory Note at Student Loans.gov.
PLUS Denial Process: If the Parent Loan is denied, students may request additional unsubsidized loan funds by completing the Unsub Request Form and submitting it to the Office of Student Financial Assistance.

Student Federal Direct Loan Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note- If a student accepts a Subsidized or Unsubsidized Loan is accepted by a student for the first time at WVSU, the student is required to Complete Loan Entrance Counseling and Sign a Master Promissory Note at Student Loans.gov.

Any questions concerning the above listed or any other outstanding student requirements should be directed to the Office of Student Financial Assistance in Ferrell Hall room 125 or 304-204-4369.
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