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Disbursements of federal and state financial aid funds to student accounts will occur once the Office of Student Financial Assistance has completed the determination of eligibility for funds and all student requirements are satisfied and processed. The Office of Student Financial Assistance will then authorize the Office of Fiscal Affairs to apply payments to student accounts.

The Disbursement Office then applies financial aid payments to any charges existing on student accounts, such as tuition and fees, housing, parking, meal plans, etc.

When all institutional charges are paid the Disbursement Office calculates the difference between charges owed to the school and the amount of financial aid awards. Any remaining balance due to the school is to be paid by the student. Any remaining balance of financial aid funds will be disbursed to students in check form.

Disbursements occur the day after add/drop closes for the semester. All requested paperwork and student requirements must be satisfied in order for disbursements to occur on the scheduled date.

Students are encouraged to regularly check MYSTATE Financial Aid status to determine if all paperwork and requirements have been satisfied.

Money owed to WVSU will be deducted from financial aid funds and the difference checks will be mailed to your address on file within 10 working days. To determine the date your check change was created you may check your Account Summary on MYSTATE.


If you missed the deadline date to submit all paperwork and complete all requirements use the chart below to determine approximate payment dates based on the date you last submitted paperwork.

Financial Aid Submission Deadline Estimated Disbursement Date
Fall paperwork submittted in July Expect disbursement delay until mid to late September
Fall paperwork submitted in August Expect disbursement delay until mid to late October
Fall paperwork submitted in September Expect disbursement delay until mid to late November
Spring paperwork submitted in December Expect disbursement delay until mid to late February
Spring paperwork submitted in January Expect disbursement delay until mid to late March
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