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The General Education Core Curriculum consists of three categories: the Interdisciplinary Matrix, Intellectual and Personal Development, and Modes of Inquiry. Together these provide the basis for students to succeed in their major fields of study, to attain their individual goals, and to develop the common goals of education that WVSU values. 
The most obvious reason for General Education . . . is to complement the depth of knowledge you develop.  General Education fulfills your need to know how to apply techniques and ideas from one area of knowledge to another, to draw on a wide variety of fields of human thought and action, and to adapt solutions to problems or methods of creating information to new circumstances.
West Virginia State University requires students to complete a "major," a field they choose for study in depth, as preparation for various kinds of careers or graduate and professional programs. In addition to their individual majors, all students complete the "general education" curriculum, a group of courses that offer general skills, such as critical thinking, writing, and speaking needed to succeed in university study. This curriculum also provides the breadth of learning and perspective on knowledge that will prepare students to become lifelong learners that can adapt to inevitable changes in their chosen careers and in society.

General Education Curriculum Common Learning Objectives

For a course to be considered part of the General Education Curriculum, it must meet a set of objectives that have been defined by the faculty of WVSU. (Click here for more information...)

General Education Committee

The responsibility of the General Education Committee is to oversee the general education core curriculum, presenting proposals for revising it, and evaluating proposals from other faculty or departments/Colleges, with reference to the common learning objectives and the component learning objectives. (Click here for more information...)
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