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Acceptance and enrollment at West Virginia State University (WVSU) does not automatically make one a candidate in the Teacher Education Program. In accordance with West Virginia Board of Education Policies, national accrediting bodies, the University and the Department of Education, candidates must be formally screened.

All candidates must formally apply for Provisional Admission when 60 semester hours have been earned or the semester in which the 60th hour is anticipated. Credit hour completion notwithstanding, formal admission to teacher education, including completion of a faculty panel interview, must be accomplished during the semester that a candidate is enrolled in Education 316.

Transfers, returning students, and post-graduates should come to Wallace Hall 626 or 627 for admission assessment. To be admitted to the Teacher Education Program, a student must:

  1. Achieve passing scores on the Mathematics, Reading, and Writing sub-tests of the Pre-professional Skills Test (PPST) before enrolling in Education 316.
  2. Demonstrate proficiency in speaking and listening skills by completing English 201 or Communications 100 with a minimum grade of C.
  3. Demonstrate proficiency in basic computer access skills by earning a grade of C or better in English 102. Education 300 is required for Senior Capstone Admission.
  4. Have a minimum overall G.P.A. of 2.5 in all content specialization courses, general education courses, and professional education courses to be admitted to the Teacher Education Program and to graduate with a degree in Education.
  5. Earn a grade of C or better in all general education, content specialization and professional education courses.
  6. Successfully complete and file personal evaluation documents for all required field experiences with a recommendation for candidacy given by supervisor(s). Students must plan their schedules to permit completion of field-work during the school day.
When an application has been completed it will be jointly reviewed by the chair and/or a departmental committee and forwarded to a university screening committee for action. The committee will make one of the following rulings and notify the candidate.
  • Fully Approved: Candidate meets all expectations.
  • Provisionally Approved: Pending removal of minor deficiencies.
  • Disapproved: Candidate does not meet criteria and is advised to pursue other options. A candidate may lose an approved status for several reasons, e.g., loss of academic qualification.
The Department of Education may recommend reevaluation of the status of any previously approved candidate at any point in the program where evidence exists that the person may be a threat or danger to the well-being of public school students. Candidates have certain appeal privileges in these and other cases.

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