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The Mission of the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

The West Virginia State University College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics exists, first to educate students so that they can understand, utilize, and improve upon scientific and mathematical principles and relate such principles to the rest of human knowledge; second, to promote scientific and mathematical literacy on the part of students of other colleges of the University; and third to utilize the expertise of its faculty in service to the state and to the people and institutions of the surrounding area.
By instruction and mentoring, the College will promote students’ motivation as well as knowledge and skills, and through research, the faculty will set an example to the students making it clear that knowledge is not just to be learned, but also to be created and advanced, by humankind’s efforts.
Its graduates are expected to have broad familiarity with the many fields of knowledge that have been promoted by humankind’s intellectual and creative skills, as well as a deep understanding of at least one of the areas of natural sciences or mathematics, along with a set of skills for probing such areas as to develop new knowledge, solve problems, and enjoy the satisfaction of the intellectual adventure.

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