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The Political Science Program is pleased to offer a Pre-Law Concentration

The Political Science Program’s Pre-Law emphasis at West Virginia State University provides a rigorous curriculum that focuses upon the ‘law’ and ‘legal studies’ in order to prepare highly qualified students to pursue many different careers after college. Most of the graduates will pursue either law school or graduate school for legal studies. However, many students continue their studies in public administration, criminal justice administration, or research and policy analysis.
As law school admissions officers advocate, there is no traditional curriculum required for legal studies or law school. However, there are courses that one can take to ensure a competitive score on the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) and/or the Graduate Record Exam (GRE), which are required for graduate studies. The courses one chooses while an undergraduate can facilitate in the successful navigation of a graduate school curriculum.
An undergraduate curriculum, taken in preparation for law school, should encompass courses that emphasize analytical thinking, cogent writing, and confident verbal skills. Moreover, a student should have a profound understanding of the socio-political, historical, and economic contexts in which laws are made, broken, and interpreted. WVSU’s Political Science Program’s Pre-Law emphasis can provide such a curriculum to those that choose to pursue it.
WVSU’s Political Science Program offers a set of core courses that are foundational for pre-law studies. The programs in Sociology, History, and Economics as well as Philosophy, Criminal Justice, and Business complement these core courses by offering a myriad of other courses from which our students can choose to complete their pre-law emphasis.

Students can also benefit from participation in an internship that focuses upon the legal process. Our pre-law program offers the opportunity to incorporate an internship into their curriculum. The most common internships with which the department is familiar consist of the Frasure Singleton Student Legislative Program and the Herndon Legislative Internship that take place at the WV State Legislature. Students should work with their advisor to pursue an internship that meets their needs and future goals.

Major Requirements — 27 hours
POSC 100 – Introduction to Government and Politics (3hrs)
POSC 101 – American Government (3hrs)
POSC 204 – State and Local Politics (3hrs)
POSC 210 – International Relations (3hrs)
POSC 205 – Political Science as a Profession (2hrs)
POSC 225 – Strategic Decision-Making (3hrs)
POSC 311 – Methodology and Research (3hrs)
POSC 400 – Senior Capstone Experience (3hrs)
POSC 497 – Internship (6hrs) – Faculty Approval Required
Pre-Law Core Courses — 21 hours
POSC 204 - State and Local Politics or POSC 210 - International Relations
POSC 305 - The American Congress
POSC 319 -
POSC 320 -
Chose three courses from the following two groups – students must take one course from each group:
Group A
POSC  304 - Comparative Politics
POSC 402 - Modern Political Thinkers

POSC 408 - American Political Thought
POSC 410 - Comparative Politics: Latin America and Africa
POSC 415 - Comparative Politics: Arab Middle East
Group B
POSC 306 - The American Presidency

POSC 335 - Politics and Religion in America
POSC 403 - Electoral Politics
POSC 405 - Politics and Public Policy

Core Cognates — 18 hours
PSYC 200 – Statistics for the Social Sciences (3hrs)
Same Modern Foreign Language (6hrs)
ECON 201 – Principles of Macroeconomics (3hrs)
ECON 202 – Principles of Microeconomics (3hrs)
HIST 207 – American History to 1865 (3hrs)
HIST 208 – American History from 1865 (3hrs)
ENGL 112 – Technical Writing (3hrs)
ENGL 201 – Advanced Effective Communication (3hrs)
ENGL 204 – Writing for Business and Other Professions (3hrs)
Electives to bring the total to — 120 hours

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