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(Works with Word)


Open up a sheet of paper


Set your margins as follows:


Top               =          2 inches

Left             =          1 1/2 inches

Bottom         =         1/2 inches

Right            =         1 inch


Be sure your ruler is displayed - if not, go to View and place a check (by using cursor) by Ruler.


Type Table of Contents or List of Tables or List of Figures (and Center) - return and change Center heading to left setting so type is not centered.


By pointing cursor at the TAB set (at left end of ruler) choose the left TAB set ( ) and go to about the 5 1/2 mark on your top ruler and point your cursor and set your left TAB and click. With your cursor change your TAB set to ( ) and go to the last "hash" mark (probably the third mark past the 5 1/2 mark) on your ruler and again, by pointing the cursor, set this TAB here. Return and press TAB two times and type the word Page. (You will notice that it is typing the word Page from right to left). Press Return.


Next go to FORMAT (top of your screen) and choose TAB. This will open a "window" that has leaders - which automatically has NONE set. Go to 2 and enter a check mark and say OK. This will automatically set your leaders so that they will end where you have marked your LEFT TAB to set. Press TAB once more and this will take you to the end of the line where you can type your page numbers which will automatically line up from right to left.


When you need to change your level of header go back to TAB and with your cursor choose the left ( ) TAB set and set this where it is appropriate. You can keep setting these TABS as your levels of headings change.

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