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Social Work Health and Wellness Project

Project Summary

Purpose: To integrate health and wellness theory and activities into the curriculum and culture of the Social Work program. It is designed to promote healthy lifestyles among students as an important aspect of professional self-care. It seeks to develop a leadership role for social work in promoting health among low-income families, especially around the negative consequences associated with obesity.

Project Objectives:

  1. To reduce risk factors for poor health among BSW students at WVSU;
  2. To develop a training format for educating social work students on health promotion by fully integrating content into the generalist curriculum;
  3. To position the Department of Social Work as a full partner in health promotion activities on the WVSU campus; and,
  4. To refine social work strategies within an interdisciplinary framework for helping low-income populations to develop healthy lifestyles.

Project Components:

  • Curriculum development—Using a competency based curriculum to teach students the importance of health promotion and to develop self-care practices as a part of professional practice.
  • Student support activities—Activities to supplement classroom learning will be offered to BSW students to support their efforts to develop healthy lifestyles in their own lives. Activities include free health screenings, development of student weight loss support, and a walking program.
  • Neighborhood project—Om collaboration with the WVSU Land-Grant Institute, a special interdisciplinary, experimental project will be developed and piloted to help students learn to apply health and wellness concepts in working with low-income populations.


Outcome Measurement Tool
  • Health education competencies
  • Development of a competency scale
  • Healthy lifestyles for students
  • Pre/Post assessments
  • Healthy lifestyles/low-income Families
  • Program evaluation of Neighborhood Project (surveys, focus groups, etc.)

    Contact Information:

    Brenda Wamsley, PhD, Chair, Department of Social Work, WVSU. Phone: 304-766-5240.
    Email: wamsleyb@wvstateu.edu

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