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We encourage you to participate as fully as you can in the “life” of the Social Work Program. Student input to the program is vital to its effectiveness and vitality. Student representatives attend departmental meetings and serve on departmental advisory councils. Students also have input into the program by serving on the Field Instruction Advisory Council.

As social work students you are eligible for student membership in the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), the largest professional organization for social workers in the country. Talk to your advisor about NASW.

The Social Work Honorary – Alpha Delta Mu

The Social Work Honorary – Alpha Delta Mu is a national organization, which recognizes academic achievement in the field. To be eligible for membership in the West Virginia State University chapter (Mu), you must:
Complete 60 credit hours
Achieve a 3.0 GPA computed overall
Earn a “B” or better in each social work course undertaken (a minimum of 6 credit hours in social work)

Alpha Delta Mu emphasizes scholarship and the development of programs that will further the student’s education. The Mu Chapter sponsors programs for students and the community, works closely with the Social Work Student Organization. Members of Alpha Delta Mu learn about social work graduate school programs, and they frequently help in arrangements for the Career Expo held on campus. Each year during Founders Week in March members of Alpha Delta Mu are recognized by the Administration and Faculty for their academic accomplishments.

The Social Work Student Organization

The Social Work Student Organization (aka “the Club”) has been active since 1975 when the Social Work Program was first accredited at West Virginia State University. We cordially invite you to join the Club and participate in its activities. The Organization offers you opportunities to socialize and fraternize with like-minded students, to learn about employment openings, to provide services to our community, and to gain additional information about the social work field. In the past, some of the Club activities have included community speakers, voters’ registration, representation to the NASW state meetings, sponsorship of induction of honor students into honoraries, involvement in a needs assessment project, parties for children in low income housing, community awareness projects, mentoring services, fundraising for homeless programs, participation in the WVSU in Multicultural Festival, and field trips.


The Social Work Student Advisory Council

This group is made up of freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors who serve as a formal student conduit for influencing the Social Work Program’s policies and procedures. An elected representative of this group attends the Social Work departmental meetings as needed.

WVSU Board of Governors Policy on Student Rights and Responsibility

Included in the appendix of this Handbook is BOG Policy #23, which is the official Policy regarding student rights, responsibilities, and conduct at West Virginia State University (WVSU) and West Virginia State Community & Technical College (WVSCTC). Section 2 of the Policy states its purpose as:

2.1 Purpose: The purpose of this rule includes, but is not limited to, the following:
2.1.1 To establish a general policy on student life, including a statement on student rights and responsibilities, at WVSU and WVSCTC;
2.1.2 To identify behavioral expectations of students and certain prohibited acts by students at the institutions or at institution-sponsored events and/or programs;
2.1.3 To prescribe penalties and sanctions for such prohibited conduct;

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