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        Dr. Katherine Harper  

Chair, Department of Biology

Genetics, Cell Biology  

  Dr. Mark Chatfield

Plant Physiology

   Dr. Richard Ford

Coordinator, Biotechnology Graduate Program
Principles of Biology, Microbiology


   Dr. Tim Ruhnke

Systematics and Evolution of Parasitic Platyhelminths, Environmental Parasitology   


   Dr. Sean Collins 

Ecology of Social Insects, Invasive Species Biology

    Dr. Amir Hass

Natural resources management, environmental soil chemistry

   Dr. Jonathan Eya,

Fish Biology and Nutrition, Aquaculture

   Dr. David Huber

Environmental Microbiology and Genomics, Microbial Diversity, Biofilms, Anaerobic Digestion

   Dr. Umesh Reddy

Plant Genomics, Biotechnology

        Dr. Rob Harris 

Muscle Physiology

    Dr. Gerald Hankins

Biology of Cancer, Gene Therapy


   Dr. Barbara Liedl

Horticulture, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Plant Reproductive Barriers

     Dr. Padma Nimmakayala

Quantitative genetics, DNA marker assisted plant breeding

    Dr. Sanjaya
Plant Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Bioenergy, Metabolic Engineering and Environmental Biotechnology

                 Dr. Sridhar Malkaram

Adjunct Professor


       Ms. Mandy Bailey

Lab Coordinator

  Ms. Audrana Austin

Academic Program Associate

  Ms. Glenna Curry

Administrative Secretary, Sr.


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