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Biotechnology Faculty and Research

Dr. Mark Chatfield        
Plant Physiology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology chatfield@wvstateu.edu
Dr. Chatfield's lab is interested in the interaction between microflora of the soil and trees, particularly with respect to reclamation of strip mines.
Dr. Sanjaya                  
Plant Biotechnology, Molecular biology, Metabolic Engineering, Bioenergy and Environmental Biotechnology. sanjaya@wvstateu.edu 
Dr. Sanjaya’s lab is leading an active research program to design plants and microalgae with enhanced bioenergy, nutritional value, industrial compounds and phytoremediation for higher production, profitability and sustainability. His lab uses bioinformatics, biochemical, molecular and cell biology, genetics and genetic engineering approaches to understand plant lipid metabolism mechanisms.
For More information visit: http://www.wvstateu.edu/energy.aspx
Dr. Sean Collins           
Social Insect Biology, Insect Population Biology, Ecology   scollin5@wvstateu.edu
Dr. Collins' lab uses molecular approaches to define population distributions of social wasps. 
 Dr. Jonathan Eya         
Fish Biology and Nutrition, Aquaculture, Nutrigenomics, Nutritional Immunology eyajc@wvstateu.edu
Dr. Eya's lab is interested in applied aquaculture, and is currently exploring mitochondrial gene expression relative to nutrition.
Dr. Richard Ford          
Coordinator, Biotechnology Graduate Program.  Principles of Biology, Fundamentals of Biology, Microbiology, Virology   fordri@wvstateu.edu
Dr. Gerald Hankins       
Tumor Biology, Gene Therapy   ghankins@wvstateu.edu
Dr. Hankins' lab studies aspects of meningioma biology, including gene therapy and the effects of exogenous chemicals (ex. progesterone) on gene expression.
Dr. Katherine Harper     
Chair, Department of Biology. Genetics, Cell Biology, Virology   harperkl@wvstateu.edu
Dr. Rob Harris              
Muscle Physiology   harrisro@wvstateu.edu
Dr. Harris studies the response of smooth muscle cytoskeletal response to stimuli such as mechanical stress and nutritional chemicals (ex. resveratrol).
Dr. David Huber                       
Environmental Microbiology, Environmental Microbial Genomics, Microbial Diversity, Biofilms, Anaerobic Digestion huberdh@wvstateu.edu
Dr. Huber's lab uses molecular approaches to characterize the identity and function of microbial communities in poultry waste treated in a thermophilic anaerobic digester.
Dr. Barbara Liedl          
Plant Breeding and Genetics, Horticulture, Plant Reproductive Barriers, Speciation, Sustainable Agriculture liedlbe@wvstateu.edu
Dr. Liedl's lab is developing insect and disease resistant tomato varieties for greenhouse and high tunnel production using marker assisted selection.  Her lab also works on reproductive barriers between cultivated tomato and their wild species to assist in transfer of resistance traits.  Additional research includes variety trials and sustainable agriculture production methods for small producers.
Dr. Padma Nimmakayala                      
Quantitative Genetics, DNA marker- assisted plant breeding   padma@wvstateu.edu 
Dr. Nimmakayala's research focuses on molecular marker development, genetic and physical mapping, marker assisted selection in vegetable crops (pepper, watermelon, sweetpotato and other cucurbits).
Dr. Umesh Reddy         
Plant Genomics, Biotechnology   ureddy@wvstateu.edu
Dr. Reddy's lab specializes in genomics of significant traits in commercially important plants, including cotton, peppers, melons.
Dr. Tim Ruhnke            
Systematics and Evolution of Parasitic Platyhelminths, Environmental Parasitology ruhnketr@wvstateu.edu
Dr. Ruhnke studies the phylogeny and evolution of tapeworms in sharks and rays, using both traditional phenotypic characterization as well as molecular (rDNA)  approaches.

Affiliate Faculty

Dr. James Denvir                      Marshall University
Dr. Micheal Fultz                       WVSU Chemistry Department
Dr. Philippe Georgel                  Marshall University
Dr. Sridihar Malkaram                WVSU
Dr. Dayan Perera                       WVSU
Dr. Venu Perla                           WVSU
Dr. Florian Reyda                      SUNY Oneonta
Dr. Travis Salisbury                   Marshall University
Dr. Thangasamy Saminathan    WVSU
Dr. John Snyder                        University of Kentucky  
Dr. Yan Tomason                      Dnipropetrovsk University


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